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Once I have completed Esther I plan to produce Matthew's Gospel, God willing. After that, I can tackle a new book, potentially a longish one. Two of the top contenders would be Acts or The Book of Revelation. But let's hear which Books you'd like to see?

Considerations: I will have already done Judges, Joshua, Ruth, Mark, Esther and Matthew by then, so which books may go well with them? Many key characters have been pictured already within these books and this could help the creation of the next book.

Some books are too long to fit in one volume so Genesis, for example, will likely have to come out in three volumes, Exodus or 1 Samuel in two volumes and so on. 
Use this link to see how long each book is... https://overviewbible.com/word-counts-books-of-bible/

One day I may do the prophets but this will be after I do the history book (Kings, Chronicles etc) which covered the time period they prophesy into.

You can vote on the poll on Facebook in our group. I'd love to see comments about why that would be a good option. Feel free to add suggestions to the poll.


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