Welcome to the shop for the Word for Word Bible Comic. There are both physical and digital copies available (digital below).  If you need the ISBNs they are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Click the links below to by Kindle or Comixology editions of the Books.

The ISBN for each book is... 

  • 978-0-9956035-0-9 - The Book of Judges (First Edition)

  • 978-0-9956035-3-0 - The Book of Judges (Second Edition)

  • 978-0-9956035-1-6 - The Book of Ruth

  • 978-0-9956035-2-3 - The Book of Joshua

  • 978-0-9956035-4-7 - The Gospel of Mark

  • 978-0-9956035-5-4 - The Book of Esther