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A word-for-word comic presentation of the Bible, using a bold contemporary style and historical accuracy to bring out the impact and excitement within of the Scriptures to a more mature audience. 

The ISBN for each book is... 

  • 978-0-9956035-0-9 - The Book of Judges (First Edition)
  • 978-0-9956035-3-0 - The Book of Judges (Second Edition)
  • 978-0-9956035-1-6 - The Book of Ruth
  • 978-0-9956035-2-3 - The Book of Joshua

Bundles Deals

Including combined Postage. Please not that buying a Bundle with Joshua will mean all/both books are sent later to be recieved by you on/around September 1st.  


Bundle: Joshua & Judges Graphic Novels
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Click the links below to by Kindle or Comixology editions of the Books.

Joshua ebooks are being set up now, to be released on September 1st. 


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