Endorsement John Wagner creator of Judge Dredd - “Very interesting. As clear  and readable a rendition of the  Bible as I have seen. Makes biblical teaching much more accessible to young and old alike.”
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Terry Vigo Endorsement
Rev Dr Chris R Smith Scholar endorsement
Endorsement Carl Beech CVM Elim Message Trust Word for Word Bible Comic
Endorsement Scholar Dr David Beldman
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These articles have been written by people who have read four or more chapters of the comic. I've added a quote from the article and a heading of what it is about. 

  • Is it still the Bible?: "...W4W supports, rather than undermines, the larger theological themes of the Bible."


  • Initial skepticism: "...nothing less than a visually stimulating, faithful depiction"


  • Isn’t all this violence gratuitous?: "...this is the way the Bible is!"


  • Review of the Book of Joshua


  • "new graphic novel rendering of the Bible and one which has gone for an interesting approach: word for word."


Amazon customer reviews

Amazon customer reviews


In 2014 we did a Kickstarter campaign to take this project from and dream and part time hobby to full time career. Our target was £15,000 and we raised nearly £19,000. A second Kickstarter in 2015 allowed us to continue creating the series. The target was £8,000 and we raised over £10,300. The third campaign ended in April 2017, the target was £15,000 and it ended on over £20,000. The most recent was The Book of Esther, the target was £10,000 and it reached £11,000.

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