February Newsletter

This month, Have your say, watch research videos and get the latest news about another Jesus related comic from DC! 

Sneak peek at the Book of Esther


Here's a sneak peek of Vashti's party from the Book of Esther. This is just one of the panels released to Patreon patrons of the comic, who receive 8 pages a month. 

DC cancel "Second Coming" comic

DC's Vertigo imprint was all set to publish "Second Coming" in March this year, which depicted Jesus as returning to earth to be a superhero after "his failure" the first time around. I was among those who created a blog and shared the petition against it. Now with a quarter of a million people having signed the petition, DC has wisely decided to cancel this imminent release. So there you go, sometimes petitions prevail. 

You can read my Blog here: 

An article about the cancellation: 

Video: Why didn't Mordecai bow to Haman? Esther 3:1-3

On the Youtube channel, I occasionally release videos of my research. This is a recent one about Mordecai. You can subscribe to the channel here

Have your say: The Apocryphal Greek Book of Esther

Read the blog and don't miss your chance to give your opinion on this topic. 

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True Believers

A couple of weeks ago, I had a stand at True Believers Indie comic con, and I met many of you Troobs there! (It's just a coincidence that it sounds like a Christian event). I had a great time, here's my stand and welcome card from the organisers. 

ICE International Comic Expo

On March the 9th I'll have a stall at ICE Brighton. I've never exhibited near there before so I'm hoping it will go well with many new comic fans to meet. If you live near there please come along! https://brightoncomicexpo.wordpress.com/


Here's an update on the progress on the Book of Esther, 40 comic pages are drawn of 65, (the other 15 pages are the introductory pages, covers and notes). 


We were very blessed that The Good Book company and Garners have taken up the series in their catalogues so that is an answer to prayer- Thank you for the prayer support!

Please continue to pray for us to get more distribution deals and potentially the publisher we are talking to, which could take things to the next level. 

Also, we have scheduled in the next few years worth of Kickstarters and book launches as we think it would be good to Kickstart books in March/April and release the same book in September of the same year. This, however, means our finances need to stretch from now until next April without a Kickstarter. So, please pray for our financial provision until then as we are wholly dependant on the Lord in this.