Meeting your heroes: Glenn Fabry artist of Sláine and more.

Slaine+by+Glenn+Fabry he didn't think it too many

On Saturday I was at ICE (International Comics Expo) in Brighton. One of the guests was old school legend Glenn Fabry (cover artist for Preacher and Constantine and classic Sláine artist). I realised that one of the classic Sláine comics I had done a little homage to within my own Book of Judges was drawn by him! So later I got a chance to show him. Here hit is...

Shamgar son of Anath Word for Word Bible Comic

He liked that I’d done an homage to his wrk and he told me a funny anecdote about that short comic. He said he’d been drawing Sláine day and night so much, at the time, that he’d started dreaming about it too. When he told Pat Mills (his editor) about this he asked him what the dream was. Glenn told him the premise that it starts with a fly sat on an open eye, it pans out and there are several bodies, it pans out more and there’s a pile of them, panning across there are thousands of bodies lying in mountains, then at the end it pans onto Sláine just standing with his axe. And Pat Mill just said “great you should do it”. 

Glenn fabry Slaine mountain of bodies - he didnt think it too many.

Glenn said that he did so and was really pleased as when it came out he’d also be credited as the writer for it too. But then, at the least minute, Pat’s wife, Angie Mills, said “At the end it should say ‘He didn’t think it too many’” and as a result she got credited as the “writer”, and Glenn was like, “It was my £#€<ing dream!”. 

Here’s a picture of him with my book, he was really pleased…honest.


Anyway. Great bloke and I was very pleased he let me take this picture and told me this tale :) 

You can buy a copy of the comic here :