Well, the pie is finally all green. That means all the pages are drawn, inked and coloured! You will notice there are also little ticks on thirteen of the chapters. This is where I have opened up each page and made sure all the text is correct, the boxes are consistent and in good order.

I've added little bits to the images to clear up confusion based on feedback I've received or errors I've noticed. For example, I noticed that the tabernacle was not drawn correctly so I had to adjust it quite significantly. 

It's a good example of the sort of thing I'm doing. They are often minute details that "no one will ever notice" but due to the aims of this project to be as accurate as possible I've had to adjust these things to ensure their validity. 

Backer Rewards

Having completed the last three chapters today (Judges 19,20,21), I now need to add them to a pdf and send them out to the backers who are due to receive them (in the next few days). This includes all the new backers from last month's successful Kickstarter and they will therefore get the whole book of Judges in one go digitally in October as promised.

The hard copies are due to be received by the end of November and I have just been negotiating some of the final points with a the printer, including way to make these limited edition copies even more special for all the wonderful backers who've have made this graphic novel series a possibility. We are looking at a local printer which is ethical with use of materials, is obviously closer and therefore reduces the transport environmental issues, and is nearby so I can go in and see them if necessary. 


If you missed the update on social media the project also picked up an amazing endorsement from the world of comics... 

...I am so happy that John Wagner has agreed to endorse the work and I hope this will really help to reach a broader readership among comic fans who might give it a go, but might not have otherwise. 


I am still pursuing publishers through connects and applying direct. This has gone on the back burner somewhat in the last few weeks with Kickstarter, but nevertheless I have a big Christian company viewing the proposal at the moment, so please pray they like it and get in touch with me about it, so I get a chance to answer any questions and handle any objections they might hold. With the new endorsements and second successful Kickstarter (thanks to all my supporters) I hope they will take note. Especially since The Action Bible (an abridged comic of the whole Bible) announced that it has sold one million copies to date!


I plan to start an email newsletter, so if you'd like to sign up to that please use the link below. It hasn't started yet but should do so in the next week or two.

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