HAVE YOUR SAY: Typeface used - Readability

Recently, I had a friend who is a graphic designer read through and check the comic over for usability and design, to find errors and quality check it. 

One of the points raised was regarding the typeface used in the narrative boxes, he said that where there are several lines of capitalized text it's not that easy to read. 

In the illustration below you can see a panel which is the worst offenders when it comes to having a lot of text on the panel. This is not typical of the comic at all, but in a few places there is a lot of text which is important but doesn't need a great deal of illumination in pictures so you get a few of these panels in the book. 

Anyway, typeface number 2 in the example is the typeface I currently have running through the whole book. The question is : Is it going to significantly improve readability to use one of these alternatives? 

Please view the examples below and comment below or on the social media post your saw. 

Please say which typeface you believe is the most readable and also if you think it's significantly easier to read or only a little easier. Alternatively, (Option B) if I space the original font with more room between the lines ("leading") it may be a little easier to read - compare the second boxes on each map. Clearly, if it is not significantly improved with these typefaces or spacing, I will be able to leave it as it is, so please say if you think it is fine how it is too. 

Example from Judge 1:16-21

The images are "zoomed out" on the blog to help you see the fonts as if from afar, but you can click on it to see it larger. 

I look forward to your comments.