Progress Report : December

That’s right I didn’t do a November Progress report. October and the start of November has been filled with manically trying to get the Judges book to print and then getting the printed books out for the backers.

Pretty much everyone in the UK should have theres now, and the rest of the world should receive them in the next week. 


However during November I have been storyboarding the whole book of Joshua so I can tell you now it will be 128 pages, the same as the Judges book. I’m actually quite surprised, but I have storyboarded Joshua with an average of three lines per page, unlike Judges which had four. I hope this will give the text and the action a little more breathing room. 

Progress Pie Chart Dec Word for Word Bible Comic

It will be interesting doing Joshua and I hope a lot quicker than Judges as it its one long story with the same recurrent characters, spanning 30 years, unlike Judges which was several short stories with few recurrent characters spanning over 300 year. 

This is a picture of the whole book of Joshua in sketched thumbnail format. I have to thumbnail the whole book to ensure themes from the end are foreshadowed in the beginning and set up from the beginning are concluded by the end. 

I’ve allowed a little room for action scenes where the Bible briefly states things like "they had a battle”, "they took a city” or "they defeated the Anakim” 


One our key concerns is still finding a good publisher. This is something I’ll be really hammering in January, sending them printed copies and chasing them. It’s not worth sending now as Christmas is a very busy time for publishers. So please pray that in January we can get signed up ready for the Summer.