Progress Report July 2015 and historical accuracy example

This pie chart is filling up nicely now. With two colourists working away as well as myself, we are turning the pie to “complete” quite quickly.

I'm currently drawing my way through the rather depressing Chapter 19 and the story of the Levite and his Concubine.

Progress Report July Word for Word Bible Comic


For the past ten days or so I have not been doing much drawing though as I have been praying about and trying to decide what to do as the next step for the comic, (thank you to all those who commented on the previous Blog regarding this).

I have a few strong applications to publishers outstanding, where I have heard back with some initial interest but still waiting for any more news, but as time is crashing on regardless I need to make a call regarding what I will do.

So I've decided to start gearing up for another Kickstarter for Book 2, probably running from mid-August to the end of September. If I sign with a publisher before then I may call it off but I have to plan stuff now to be ready for then. (If you want to see the previous Kickstarter page as an example click here

The idea will be to do the Kickstarter as a way for people to get hold of a limited edition pre-release copy of Judges (Book 1) to fund Book 2, which they will get soon after the campaign is finished and allow for a bigger order to fulfil the original KS rewards. Of course this also open up the opportunity for people to get there faces in the comic and get other great rewards. I'm not intending to be drawing from the previous backers again but am finding more ways of getting the word out there this time, using conventions, blogs maybe even Christian radio shows to talk about it.

If I get this funding I hope it will support the project at least until next summer. Between then and now I hope to get signed by a publisher and if I do not that is the time I will self-publish.

If I do launch a Kickstarter I will need the help of all my followers and backers. Aside from backing the project I need it to reach a wide audience so I'll need everyone to Share social media posts, Like and Comment on them to help your friends and family see the posts, last time a good number of backers were what I refer to as “one step away” family of my friends, friends of friends etc. So please be ready for that.

I am currently trying to decide if the Kickstarter should be for the book of Joshua with a stretch goal for Ruth or the book of Ruth with a stretch goal for Joshua. Maybe I'll open this up as a “Have your say” post later.

Please continue to pray for the project, for guidance and faithfulness to the Word.

Below is an image I just created to communicate the historical accuracy element of the comic.

Word for word bible comic Historical accuracy

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