HAVE YOUR SAY: Strapline

I'm am currently reviewing the strapline for the comic, I want to make it punchy and include all the key elements of the comic. 

The current one is:

"Unabridged, historically rich graphic novel of the Bible with a high view of scripture." 

I define the three main selling points of the project to be:

  • Unabridged: Not missing one word from the biblical text. This is a trustworthy, faithful and authentic rendering. 

  • Rich historical and geographical setting: In depth research and landscapes from real locations give a rich historic and cultural setting.

  • Aimed at an adult market 15+: Telling the stories exactly as they are written, the material will not be tamed for young readers so that the full impact of the narrative can be felt.

In my proposal I rewrote it to be:

The Word for Word Bible Comic will enthral adult readers with the untamed, full word of God using hard-hitting imagery and historical accuracy.

Which is not exactly the same because it is an introductory statement. The strapline I want to create now will go under the title, so it doesn't need "The Word for Word Bible comic is-" in it. 

The words I would like to use are: 

Untamed - to represent the fact it is not watered down for children and is aimed at ages 15+. I can't really use the word "adult" on it's own however as that implies an even higher age category.

Hard hitting- is good to convey the action and excitement with in the stories that people might not be expecting the find. 

Also , It has to mention being Historically accurate some how because this is one of the main selling points for the non-christian market.

It needs to have to unabridged part mentioned as this is the main point of the project as a whole. 

The reason i included the "with a High view of Scripture" is to show it is a faithful representation of the text not a parody or anything like that. 

Untamed and unabridged obviously both start with "un-" so they go quite well together but i'm finding it hard to get a sentence to follow that strong start. 

For example...

Untamed, unabridged graphic novel of the Bible (that is historically accurate) 

Unabridged, historically rich graphic novel of the Bible with a high view of scripture.

It could be super short if the important parts are covered but this is even harder. 

Hard hitting, untamed and unabridged - (but this does not mention historically accurate) 

Historically accurate, unabridged and untamed. 

You get the idea. Please get a thesaurus out with me and see what combinations and suggestions you can make.