New Webcomic: Limited Pre-release available now.

Great news everyone! You can now view pages of the comic online as a limited preview webcomic!

Each week (on a Monday) I will upload a new page and take the oldest one down so there will be just three pages at a time, so please return to see more pages and tell your friends as soon as possible so they don't miss pages.

In a few weeks time I may add a couple of pages a week will give it little while to build a following, so they will be cycling even faster.

If you miss a page or two you can always read the storyline from the pages you missed by picking up any Bible or going to and searching for the verses you missed.

The samples are watermarked and not hi-res as the comic is not released yet.

Please share the link on your social media and help the comics fan base continue to grow!

The three pages I am starting with are the first three I drew, they start off the story of Samson which is twenty three pages in all. The full graphic novel (over a hundred pages) includes Gideon, Deborah even Joshua gets a cameo as well as epic battle, assassinations, angels and more.

If you get excited about the project but frustrated with this narrow window of pages available there will be an opportunity to get your hands on a full printed copy or the full story digitally in a couple of months. Keep upto date with the Facebook page, Twitter and the Blog for more news on this.

Here is the link to share. Enjoy the comic and please spread the word.


Page one of the webcomic click the link or the page the see the rest.