Progress Report: August and Kickstarter update.


As you can see from the pie chart there is not much left to do now. 

  • The white and light coloured areas represents only 6 pages left to draw.
  • There are about 20 pages left to colour but these are being worked on by my two wonderful colourists.
Progress report August 2015

After it is all complete I need to go over the pages to remove and continuity errors (missing earrings etc) and make a few corrections (like turning all the speech bubbles opaque). 

Then I just need to prepare it for print. Once it is sent for print there is quite a long time before they are received one company had a lead time of 3 week another 8 weeks, so this is why I'm putting November as the fulfilment month for these. 


The Kickstarter launches this Saturday (Aug 15th), the page is all set up with the video, again produced by the wonderful and talented Jamie Donne-Davies. It's looking good with it's official endorsements.  If you are planning to bless the project by backing it again for the new rewards please do so at the start if possible so that you can get the limited items and to give it some initial momentum. 

I have several places I'll be advertising the project (inc. Soul Survivor, Momentum, Alpha and Omega Con (a Christian Comic Con in California), Ashburnham (A big Newfrontiers event),  the CVM website, two Christian Metal Music radio stations and Premier Radio) and a few notable bloggers have agreed to post about it this year. I will also be having a stand at 'Together at Westpoint', Catalyst: Men's Day on Bristol and  ICE Comic Con in Birmingham.  

If you have places where you think you can help me advertise the Kickstarter between Aug 15th and Sept 27th, please let me know. I'm interested in churches, christian or comic conferences, blogs, websites, radio shows, online magazines etc to have a poster or advert or show the video. 

Any ideas or contacts please email me: wordforwordbiblecomic (at) 

All your help will be gratefully received and I will try and sort out some treasure in heaven for you. (Receipt of treasure will be on arrival in Heaven, subject to availability and the management's approval).

Prayer Requests 

Please pray for Leslie, our wonderful colourist, for financial aid, help finding the right place to live and the move.  

Please pray for the success of the Kickstarter and that lots of people are reached with God's Word as a result. Please pray it will be a "staff Pick" this time and get a lot more attention that way. 

Also if you'd like to be part of a prayer team for the project please also email me as I will be sorting out how this will work soon.