NEW Video Blog: Judges 1:1-12

I have just started creating video blogs to add to the blog. These videos are to inform people about the creative choices made in the process, comments of the Bible verses, a little about the story and details to do with the historical aspects and geographical locations. 

This blog is about Judges 1:1-12

It's actually a pretty good way to tell people about the work because it's more engaging, less effort to "read" and quick to create. It's a bit rough 'n' ready but I think they came out pretty well. 

I wanted to get a desktop recording program but my PC is so old none of them will work so I came up with the idea of using my phone, which has come out better than expected. The colours are not very accur so please look at the page as it is supposed to be, attached below.

I plan to do some more. if people like them so be sure to "Like" them on YouTube and on the social media platform you found it on if you want any more. 

On YouTube you can subscribe or you can use the RSS to subscribe here as I will always post them in the official blog too.

Also tag people who might like and share it it to help the project grew.

As you'll see the videos are also to promote the Kickstarter. If you don't know what that is, it is a crowdfunding website where I set a funding goal to create something (The Book of Joshua) and backers get rewards. If the goal is not met backer's pledges are not charged and the project gets nothing. Our funding ends on Sunday September 27th, so please give a little support and help us reach our goal. 


Also check out the website for more info, examples, image and endorsements like this one.