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On August 15th I am launching a new Kickstarter campaign for the second book of the Word for Word Bible Comic series. This will be the Book of Joshua, which will serve as a fantastic prequel to the Book of Judges. I will also have a stretch goal to create the Book of Ruth as the third book of the series.

The campaign will run until September 27th, and it will make available to backers a limited edition pre-release copy of the Book of Judges, in addition to many other exciting digital and physical rewards, and of course another chance to get your face in the Bible.

Kickstarter launching aug 15th 2015

Please help...

To successful hit my funding target on Kickstarter I'm really going to need your help. In the run up to the launch please ShareLike and Comment on the social media posts from the comic so that your circle of friends may see them too and get involved. Aside from the backing of my friends and members of my wonderful church, most other backers were people who had heard about the project through social media or your referrals via email or word of mouth. 

If you backed the project before, obviously I'd love you to come alongside the project again but if you can't afford to or you gave a uniquely generous gift last time don't worry, but please do tell people about it. 

If you would like to back the project, again of for the first time, please do so at the start of possible please as people like to support projects that look like they are going to hit their goals, and it'll be good for my sanity. ;) 

Why do another Kickstarter? 

I had hoped I would not have to do a second Kickstarter. Of course in my mind it would have been ideal for the book to reach a publisher and they'd immediately agree to print it the next day and sell a million copies but, but God has a different pathway for the project. As expected, getting a publishing deal has been a hard road. Also, creating the comic has taken a little longer than originally projected.

The plan is to crowdfund a smaller amount to support our family through until next summer which will give more time to negotiate a deal with a publisher or plan for self-publishing, whilst creating book two.

If we self-publish it will be around this time next year, hopefully, with two (or even three) books ready for sale. The reason for not self-publishing now is that the emphasis has been on creating the comic and self-publishing has not been built up to or planned for to a level which the project deserves and a poor launch would hurt the series' prospects for the future and signing a deal with a good publisher. 

Using Kickstarter, I can provide the book as promised to the backers from last year's successful Kickstarter and to the many people contacting me eager to get a copy , whilst still reserving the big launch into the general marketplace until we are prepared.

We don't plan to use Kickstarter again. After this all our efforts will be on self-publishing from that point on, and with two or three books as a base we hope the project will be a success and support itself. 

How to help

To get the word out even more I've just set up additional social media profiles (below). If you use these please come and join me there. Then repost and Like the posts as much as possible. I can't reach your friends any other way. 

In addition I plan to set up a prayer team which I will post about tomorrow, so please keep an eye out for that. 

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