October Newsletter

The Book of Esther Kickstarter starts now! 

I've just hit the launch button and the campaign is up and running! We'd absolutely love you to back the projects and help us get this next book underway! If you plan to back it, please do so at the start as building momentum and showing promise inspires others to get on board too, it also stops us panicking, so there's that. (No payments will go out or be reserved until the end November 11th) 



Sneak peek at the first page of Esther

Here we see King Xerxes, but he is a little different to in 300...

October Events

Last weekend I was at Gloucester Comic Con which went well. I also got to chat to celebrity guest movie star Brain Cox (Braveheart, Troy, Xmen, Bourne etc). I believe we spoke for about 30mins and he was interested in the Bible Comic, turns out he collected ‘Classics Illustrated’ years ago so I gave him a copy of Mark. The idea of a movie star reading and owning the comic is pretty exciting.

brian cox .jpg

16-18th October - Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) - A huge three-day event for thousands of church and ministry leaders to find out about new resources, items and services.

20th October- Nottingham Comic Con - A con which comes highly recommended as still focused on comics 

26-28th October- London MCM Comic Con- Our largest event yet, hosting over 100,000 visitors over three days!

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