November Newsletter 

The Book of Esther Kickstarter ends soon! 

This campaign has had an amazing start thanks to so many of you! Now I'm really counting on the rest of you to save the day! There's 22% left to go right now and just a week to get there, but I've got faith that we'll make it! 

We've had a really long "Dead Zone" this time (the middle period when the early birds are done and the last minute people haven't started yet so you get few new pledges) and so we have started to sweat as the cut-off approaches. If you planned to get involved or "see how it goes" please do back it now.

Your pledge really does make all the difference!  (No payments will go out of your bank until a little after November 11th) 



This widget below (if it works) should show you the percentage funded up to date using magic... 

(If it doesn't work that's because magic is unreliable). 

Short Promo Video to Share

I've created this short 30-second video to promote the Esther Kickstarter. Please find it and share it far and wide. Also please give it a like and a comment to help its visibility 

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October Events

We exhibited at a few great events last month. Christian resources exhibition was great for networking and meeting new folk including many of you. I even held two 15 mins talks there.

Then that same week we had Nottingham Comic-con which was great Comics event that really did focus on comics, highly recommended! 

Finally, we had our stand at London MCM Comic Con, a massive event with a footfall of 100,000 people. Highlights included meeting "the" Frank Miller. I queued for about 2 hours, but I got my "300" book signed and got to present him with a copy of Judges, a picture of Xerxes and tell him about the Kickstarter and Book of Esther I was working on! He knew the book and wished me luck with it which was a great moment! In what I gave him was a letter to contact me so I could send him a copy of Esther later. it's unlikely but I pray he does. He was very nice. 


Image of Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and more comic legends on a panel about Batman. 

frank Miller.jpg

I also met Brian Azzarello, creator of 100 Bullets, Batman and others and had a chat to him. 

Siân and I also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary there by working from 9am til 7pm selling books, riding the Thames cable car and eating take away noodles :) 

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