September Newsletter


The Gospel of Mark is now officially launched! Click the image to order your copy, why not get one for a friend?! And check out our new endorsement! 

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Please help us get the word out for this launch! 

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Reviews â˜…★★★★

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New Kickstarter October 12th

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This October we will be running a Kickstarter for the next instalment,The Book of Esther. 

Set in ancient Persia, it is a book of high court intrigue and one woman's struggle to save her people from annihilation. 

Set in the time of Achaemenid King Xerxes the Great, the book not only features the character portrayed in Frank Miller's 300 but encompasses the time of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae!

For notifications and updates follow the Word for Word Bible Comic on Kickstarter (below) or 
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Kickstarter launch date October 12th, running until November 11th.

NB: Early bird and limited edition rewards will be strictly limited on this campaign. 

Together at Westpoint

We had a great time at Westpoint with Commission. One great moment was Guy Miller giving the work a mid-preach endorsement from the main stage which should be aired on GodTV in the future, another was finding an envelope with "A gift from God" written on it, with a cheque inside with funds to help support the ministry and us as a family which God had prompted someone to give. Both were a real blessing. Here are a few images.

Westpoint 130 sm.jpg

Free Entry to Christian Resources Exhibition in October!

On October 16th-18th we will be exhibiting at CRE, a big event at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey, where church and ministry leaders go to discover new resources and services to support their ministry. 

If you’d like to come along you can get in FREE with by booking a ticket using this special link just for our customers. 

See you there? 



We are right in the middle of our run of events! We've done some of the big summer ones but now I have several ahead with three events this month and four next month! So please pray that the Gospel of Mark will get a lot of media attention at its launch and that many people will ultimately read the Good News for the first time through these graphic novels. Also, that we are healthy and very successful at these events and take home some healthy finances to fund the next year of bible comic creation.