Accurate Ancient Writing in the Word for Word Bible Comic

In the comic we strive to make everything as accurate as we possibly can. There are some great verses in scripture where someone writes a letter to someone else. Because we have, in some cases, the words recorded we can draw them as they would have looked. 

So often in my research for images I see depictions of the priestly vestments described in Exodus with the words that are engraved in the stones emblazoned in genuine modern Hebrew. Which is great until you realise that the script of Hebrew from that time was very different from modern Hebrew, not only does it not have many of the jots and tiddles, the characters were much less developed. 

In the example below I explain how I derive the ancient script for the comic. Below that are a few other examples of it's use in the comic. (To read Judges 9 click here). 

High Priests Vestments which have words all over  Exodus 28

High Priests Vestments which have words all over Exodus 28

"JUDAH" reading right to left is "H-D-V-H-Y" from  Judges 1:2

"JUDAH" reading right to left is "H-D-V-H-Y" from Judges 1:2

I believe this level of attention to detail and accuracy is what's missing from other comics, films etc about the Bible stories. 

Some may say this sort of detail to be pointless as "no one will ever know". Well, I considered this too but, firstly, I think this is the level to which God called me to invest in the work. But secondly, when I shared my work with my Kickstarter backers (a pool of people numbering under 200) someone in that group could actually read the script (you know who you are ;) ) and a friend of a friend I met could also read it, so it turns out some people will appreciate it. 

Hope you enjoyed this explanation. If you happen to be able to write ancient languages please get in touch as I will need help with other languages. 

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