January newsletter

Happy New Year! Here are some image and updates from us...

A peek at the Gospel of Mark

Here is a little peek at a page from the Gospel of Mark. Mark 1:13b

Jesus comported by Angels in the Wilderness - Word for Word Bible Comic

I've just drawn a picture of Jesus as he will be in Revelation 19 riding a white horse coming with his angels and I'm really keen to show you that one, but I'm going to hold off until it is coloured. 

If you'd like to get to see the new full-colour pages of Mark like this as they are completed you can do so by becoming a patron of this project and giving a small donation of $1 a month or more. You can even get video blogs that are about 30-60 minutes long every two weeks with information about the historical research and the artist development of the comic. 

Please go to Patreon to find out more and get involved! 

Kickstarter Backer digital rewards!


If you were one of our very special Kickstarter backers for the Gospel of Mark, then keep an eye out for the PDF instalment two, which will be out in the next two weeks. It's more than 20 complete pages the gospel or Mark!

(Note: Be sure to check your Kickstarter profile has your current email address. Digital rewards for all pledges of £15 or more)  

Judges first editions are running out! 

Size Comparison

Size Comparison

The first 1000 copies of Judges are now starting to run very low. We will be reprinting them, of course, but if you'd like to get the original larger format copy before they disappear please get your orders in straight away! We've got about 7 copies here and there are a few at the distributor's warehouse.

We also have about 40 of the special Collector's editions (these are numbered as one of the first 100 prints, they are signed and have a unique hand-drawn a sketch on the inside cover). 

So if you are a collector or you think this comic will be as big a Harry Potter one day, here's your chance to get one of the limited first editions. 

Progress and Prayer

We have passed the halfway point with regards to creating the uncoloured pages! Phew! We are currently on target to finish by July, ready for the summer events and sending out the book to Kickstarter backers! The official launch will be in September too. 

Progress Mark 2018 Word for Word bible Comic

Please pray that we continue to be productive and get this book finished in time and that some opportunities that are still in the air come through. Please pray that the Gospel of Mark will get a lot of media attention at its launch and that many people will ultimately read the Good News for the first time through these graphic novels.