October Newsletter 


We are steadily doing more and more pages. We have had several minors setbacks like my wife's broken foot, a funeral and then several bouts of illness from various members of the family. Hopefully, things will calm down now and we can start catching up. 

Here's how far we are along so far. 


Christian Resources Exhibition: Tomorrow  

Tomorrow I'm off to CRE for the day as a punter, many of you may also be there too, so give me an email if you have a stall or you wanna say hi. Our book will be there on display at the CLC stand too so if you're there with a friend be sure to drag them over an get some. 


Get the last copies of Judges 1st edition

We are beginning to run low on the first edition of the Judges books. I have about 80 here and there are some waiting for distribution, so if you'd like to get hold of these original, larger size, numbered first editions please get those orders in asap! 

Shop link : https://wordforwordbiblecomic.squarespace.com/buy/

We are preparing the second edition for print now. It will be the smaller size that Joshua and Ruth are, and we will be adjusting the font to allow for the smaller format. 


Christmas Orders, HO HO HO! 🎄🎅 🕯🎁

A great gift for family and friends that you are keen to get more into the Bible! We look forward to sending them out to you and if you live far from the UK you may need to get these orders in soon to ensure they'll get there on time. 



All new packaging

Exciting, right! We have decided to move away from those plastic bubblewrap jiffy bags to a more robust and environmentally friendly option of cardboard. For single books we have the reinforced envelop and for more these great all-card wallets. 


Prayer Requests

If you are a praying person please help us pray that we can secure a recent opportunity to arrange USA shop distribution through a large US Christian distributor. I am really confident that this would mean a real boost for the company. 

Please also pray for our continued health and productivity between now and the end of the Mark project so we can be ready for the summer events next year. 


More and more of you are getting involved and supporting the Patreon! Thank you! I create videos explaining the pages in depth, including the research, artist choices, character design and more. So aside from supporting our work, you can learn more about the Bible and it's setting and see the pages of Mark as they are finished. 

Example video

Go to : 


Joshua Launched

The launch has gone really well, bolstered by being featured in Christianity magazine, and our presence at the recent Christian Resources Together event. 

What would be really helpful is to see some extra reviews on Amazon to helps improve the visibility of the book in searches and confidence of other people to buy!

Here are the links...

book icon Joshua.jpg
The Book and Kindle Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Joshua-Bible-English-translation/dp/0995603529

The Book and Kindle Amazon USA-https://www.amazon.com/Book-Joshua-Bible-English-translation/dp/0995603529

ComiXology- http://bit.ly/2eHp90M

Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35993102-the-book-of-joshua