April Newsletter

I have realised I've forgotten to post Feb and March's newsletters on the blog. You can view them with these links:

FEB : https://mailchi.mp/8e372d713461/february-newsletter?e=276ff80ddf

MAR: https://mailchi.mp/c26682958a12/march-newsletter-snow-slow-and-go-go-go?e=ddb119009d

Here are some images and updates from us...

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A peek at the Gospel of Mark

Here is a little peek at a page from the Gospel of Mark. Mark 1:32-34

At the top, we have Peter's house which was drawn from the floorplan of the real site discovered with archaeology.  

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Interesting video I found "What did Yeshua think of the Mishnah? "

Doing my research I found this interesting video about how Jesus may have viewed the Mishnah. It's a balanced presentation by a Canadian Messianic Jew and Hebrew teacher Izzy. His views don't necessarily match those of ourselves but I found it very informative...oh yeah, it has slightly annoying inserted memes in this one but if you like this video his others don't have those.

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My reviews (Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr) 

When I read comics or watch a movie or TV series, I write a little social media post with my thoughts. With so much great stuff coming out soon (Avengers Infinity War, Westworld, Runaways, Han Solo Movie, Ready Player One etc), I thought I'd flag it so you can come and geek out about it with me.  Use these links to connect!

Progress and Prayer

I'm getting closer to the end of drawing the pages now. I'm about to draw page 131 and Jesus will be getting handed over to Pilate. Our colourists are going full throttle now too to ensure we get it all finished before the summer holidays begin, and that's when they'll go out to the Kickstarter backers. The official launch and release will be in September.  

progress mark arp 18.jpg

Please pray that we continue to be productive and get this book finished in time. Also, for the ongoing financial provision for the work as we have been blessed so many times by the Lord from your prayers. 

Please pray that the Gospel of Mark will get a lot of media attention at its launch and that many people will ultimately read the Good News for the first time through these graphic novels. 

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