HAVE YOUR SAY: Glowing eyes or not?

When God gives a prophetic word or decision through a prophet in the comic I have used the device of glowing eyes to indicate that the prophet is seeing something of God's spirit. This blog is to ask if this device it working or sending the wrong message. 

In the comic the bright cyan coloured light represents the holy spirit or spiritual things like angels. Here is an extract from the "use of Colours" blog to explain...

Supernatural and Spirit

One of the most important colour elements is the use of the Spirit colour. This is a bright Cyan/ turquoise and it means there is something of the Spirit or something of God in the story. The idea is to show things that are very real in the spiritual realm but not necessarily the physical. The best example of this is with Balaam and his donkey. When I draw that story the angel that stands invisible to Balaam but that the donkey can sense will be shown in the Cyan colour. When it manifests in a way that Balaam can see it will be in the standard black lines. This colour is also used when Samson is empowered by the Spirit, with a power acting in the spiritual realm depicted as Cyan lightning. Lastly, it is used when God speaks, and for the speech of angels.

Holy Spirit colour in the Word for Word Bible Comic

So while Samson and Othniel might strike someone with glowing power someone like Deborah the Prophetess has glowing eyes. 

This is something that is extremely common on comic as many superheroes have glowing (pupiless) eyes whether they are doing some mutant power (Storm-Xmen) or all the time as part of their costume (Batman) or nature (Abe Sapien).

It is also helpful to imply when someone is prophesying god's word or a false prophet. 

It was suggested that it might give the impression of possession or the Spirit taking over the person. The reason I have use it thus far is I think it is so common in comic it doesn't suggests possession or anything like that, but if it does even to some people I guess I'll need to reconsider this option. 

Here are examples of where I used it in the comic. 

Deborah spirit eyes word for word bible comic
Deborah spirit eyes word for word bible comic inside

  I really value your comments here or on the social media post you found this on, please give reasons for your opinions if possible... 

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