HAVE YOUR SAY: What font should I use for God?

So, I've decided I don't like the font and style I was using for God' dialog, so I'm going to change it. I'd like your help please, can you suggest a good typeface to use for God's speech in the comic. People speaking other languages have a different fonts so I think God should too. 

Until now I was using the normal font for speech and changing it to be the Cyan colour that represents the spirit in the comic with the bright cyan glow or outline stroke. (For a Blog about the use of colour click here

God YHWH speaks speech word for word bible comic

I would like to use a more interesting typeface, but which one? Also suggest if you think it should glow or anything. 

Here are some criteria: 

  • It has to be easily readable. 
  • Needs to be free or inexpensive.
  • Usable on PC and ideally available on MAC as well.  
  • Not too fancy as there are sometimes long sections of God's dialog. 
  • Has lowercase as well as uppercase letters

Please also comment about effects they you think would look good. (Glow, transparent, bubble, no-bubble etc).