Progress Report : Feb 2016

This weekend my wonderful wife has taken the kids to granny's and I have been working non-stop trying to keep on target with the book of Joshua's progress. It's slightly frustrating as I just hit a bunch of pages which needed a lot of work! That is the fall of Jericho (Joshua 6), so lots of falling bricks to draw and tiny soldiers climbing up the ruin to attack the city and all the dead bodies everywhere. 

A few months ago I upgraded my computer from a Windows XP(!) machine to a new Mac, thanks to the kind donation to the project by two lovely families in my church for the purpose. But, there has been teething issues as some of my old peripherals have not been compatible. A couple of weeks ago I said to my wife "Right, I think I need a new graphics tablet, scanner, printer, monitor and keyboard." (as my graphic tablet also broke that day). She said "Great, where are we gonna get the money for that?" , "God(?)" I replied tentatively. Since then I've had a graphics tablet lent to me, a new monitor and keyboard given to me and one Sunday someone anonymously gave us £100 in an envelope, which I have used to buy a graphics tablet for £65 on eBay. Now I just have to figure out the scanner and printer and it will all have been taken care of. Amazing. 

Pie Chart

Here's how the progress pie chart is looking. 

progress report Feb Word for Word Bible Comic

At the end of January I sent off a few copies of the book to possible publishers, so please pray that come back to me soon and are keen to get it out there this summer. 


If you were a backer and you've received a hard copy of Judges please get in touch and tell me what you thought of it. It's always good to get feedback, encouragement and critique. 

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I also discovered a site which allows you to basically continue your Kickstarter campaign and offer rewards for donations to the work.  So please refer your friends to buy the limited edition copies of Judges and they can even still get themselves drawn into Joshua. 

Thank you for following the progress please keep praying for the project.