Progress Report March 2016

The last month has mostly been characterised by illness, unfortunately. This has had some impact on the progress as I took a week off to look after the children and a poorly wife. I'd managed to dodge the bullet in regards to this virus until now, but am hoping it will be short lived. Please pray for good health for us all. 

I've had a few new leads in regards to publisher which will probably be the last ditched attempt before accepting that it will need to be self-published. These are a few big publishers so again please pray they see the potential of this project and sign me up. 

I've booked into several comic cons and Christian conventions that will be happening over the next few months, the plan is to sell off the remaining limited edition copies. So lastly pray this goes well and we don't loose any money on any of them. 

Pie Chart

Here's how the progress pie chart is looking. 


I had a few great responses from asking for feedback last month so if you didn't do so and you are a backer and you've received a hard copy of Judges please get in touch and tell me what you thought of it. It's always good to get feedback, encouragement and critique. 

wordforwordbiblecomic [@]


I also discovered a site which allows you to basically continue your Kickstarter campaign and offer rewards for donations to the work.  So please refer your friends to buy the limited edition copies of Judges and they can even still get themselves drawn into Joshua. 


Thank you for following the progress please keep praying for the project.