Portrait for BibleGateway

A few weeks ago I created a competition to win a portrait drawn of the winner. There were three winners and @BibleGateway was one for Retweeting the competition image. I have now finished the image and I am very pleased with it. 

I am glad to give it to them because they have been great supporters of The Word for WORD Bible Comic and my Kickstarter campaign which ends very soon (25th May at 21:00 GMT). Bible Gateway have interviewed me for their blog they featured about the Comic on their site, and even invited my to be one of their a Bloggers Grid members due to my respect for the scriptures.

Below the image is more info...

Bible Gateway Logo as a portrait.

Bible Gateway Logo as a portrait.

So in the image is the rounded door and key hole to match the logo. The ornate iron door braces that I have added have has crosses and vines, which the door "abides in" , these also represent both creation and redemption. The door has seven panels to reflect the Bibles heptatic structure.

Also, I wanted to represent something of the nature of the website within the image. So we can see that the light that the doorway lets through illuminates the words on the wall but not only highlights them but makes them clear and accessible/readable in the modern language (English used). The enlightened words are a basic computer/digital font linked to the fact it is a website.

I used the Koine ancient Greek on the right from the New Testament. The ancient Greek words do actually match the English. No prizes for working use the famous verse used. The English translation is the NIV as this is BG's primary translation. 

Lastly the door doesn't just let through the light but also lead to a place in the presence of The Light (John 8:12).

If you are wandering who I am about the accuarcy and faithfulness of the Bible Comic see the previous Blog...