In this blog I'm going to talk a bit about why we want to use Patreon to help fund the Word for Word Bible Comic. 
Firstly lets share our vision for the Word for Word Bible Comic, we believe that through presenting the unabridged bible in a graphic novel format will open up the word of God to those who might never have looked inside a standard bible. Our hope is that in doing this many will come to a better understanding of God’s word and therefore a more open heart.
Our hearts are all for this mission and we celebrate that we get to work on this project everyday however we need funds to keep the project going and there are a number of way that we can do that.
We manage the money we get from the Kickstarters extremely carefully, but there's no slack, for example, there's not enough money to hire in an admin person to fulfil orders or handle social media, so it comes down to us, (that’s me, the artist, and my wonderful wife and sometimes even our two young boys).
With regular funds through a platform like Patreon it can take some of the pressure off. A regular and reliable income means we can plan. We could hire an extra colourist to help complete new books faster. We could pay for some advertising to reach people who don’t even know these books exist yet, which in turn would lead to more sales and so the effect snowballs. We could book into more events (conferences and comic cons) and talk to people about the books face to face.
As an example of this, we'd love to run an advert in the handbook at UK's biggest youth and youth leaders event, but it costs £900 ($1,200) and so we just don't have the breathing space to put the investment in, even if it would lead to long-term gain. 
At this time the business is growing at a healthy rate. We are gradually getting more and more followers and sales through new channels that are opening up all the time, like suppliers for book shops and greater reach on platforms Amazon, Kindle and Comichaus etc.
We have been so blessed with the patrons and supporters we have, and we sense that we are at a tipping point where we could grow the business greatly with a little more investment here and there, which could bring exponential growth. 

If you have been following our posts on social media over the last week or so you will know that Patreon, in a similar way to Kickstarter, offers rewards and privileges so we hope that there is something that might interest you. Also for every Patreon who wants it, your name will be listed as a supporter in the books! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 16.44.31.png

We are super keen for fans to become patrons even at the lowest level. Here are a few reasons that even a $1 monthly pledge can be a big help to us. Firstly, of course, every little helps. Secondly, as a patron you are able to see some of the work before anyone else and can give valuable feedback and comments, even join the patron hangout quarterly. Thirdly, on Patreon the search function is ranked by 'number of patrons', so your backing raises our profile and will help us be discovered by other people browsing for interesting projects to support. If we can get to 55 backers we will be the sixth highest Patreon on the seach "Bible" and one the first page of "Comic". I'm quite pleased that we have passed "Drunken Bible study" on the rankings already. 

If even 2% of those on our mailing list did so we could easily reach this target. 

Check out the page for all the options!


Other ways to support 

Now I know that for a lot of people even a $1 patronage would be unviable but there are still a number of ways to support the project. 

1) Add a review to the books on Amazon and Good Reads. A massive help for ranking and customer confidence. 



2) Follow us on social media and regularly like and comment on posts to help them get more prominence. 

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3) Pray! Please do keep us in your prayers, please pray for our provision and guidance into making the comic as accurate as possible.