APRIL: Prospects, Palace, Patreon and Progress.

This month is prospects, palace, Patreon and Progress.

Prospect and Prayer 

Tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd) I have a big meeting with a large Christian charity about the prospect of partnering up on the Word for Word Bible Comic. We are not sure how it's going to go but it has great potential! Please pray that God would come alongside us there so that we can work out a way for this to be truly beneficial to both parties and ultimately allow us to combine forces to get the Bible in the hands of more and more adults, young adults and teens! 

Please continue to pray about this over the next few weeks as it will likely take a little while to work out whatever happens. 

Palace: Sneak peek at the Book of Esther

The Palace of Darius at Susa. Below you can see a couple of archaeological floor plans of the palace too. 

Palace of Darius and Xerxes at Susa shush Shushan Word for Word bible Comic

Find a whole host of images on our Pinterest board on the Palace of Susa

In this video, you can learn all about this Palace and King Ahasuerus

View the first Esther Patreon Video as an example of what you receive at the $5+ levels.

Patreon Push!

We are over half way through our 15-day Patreon promotional drive! During the week we've had Live videos, an interview, cross-promotion with other Patreon projects and more info on the benefits for patrons!

Creating a comic page: 'Facebook-Live' recording.

Blog about why your patronage is so important

Live Hangout! 

Become a patron today and join us on this Thursday (4th) at 9pm GMT for the first Patreon exclusive hangout, it will be like a conference call using Zoom.us software. 

Why even $1/month is a great help! 

Firstly, of course, every little helps. Secondly, as a patron you are able to see some of the work before anyone else and can give valuable feedback and comments, even join the live patron hangout quarterly. Thirdly, on Patreon the search function is ranked by 'number of patrons', so your backing raises our profile and will help us be discovered by other people browsing for interesting projects to support. If we can get to 55 backers we will be one of the highest Patreons on the search "Bible" and one the first results page for "Comic". I'm quite pleased that we have passed "Drunken Bible study" on the rankings already. 

If even 2% of those on our mailing list did so we could easily reach this target. 


List of all the benefits...


Surprisingly work on drawing the pages of Esther is nearing completion! The pie chart shows all the pages including the covers, introduction and notes which should take too long to finish.  We are now working hard to get all the pages coloured quickly to have the book printed and out to Kickstarter backers asap. 

Esther Progress apr.jpg

In trying to ensure the colouring on Esther is completed on time I have brought in a third colourist to help us out on this book...

New Colourist for The Book of Esther - Dr. Chris! 



I met Chris McAuley (aka Dr. Chris) through a connection at Geek Syndicate (the podcast/website/geek hub) when he reviewed The Gospel of Mark comic last year. He's been developing his colourist portfolio recently and I asked him if he'd like to help us by doing a dozen or so of the pages. Here's a summary Chris wrote about some of the stuff he's doing at the moment...

"I'm a video game designer / Programmer for Digiplay, consultant for Bioware in Edmonton and Technical specialist for Utomik (a subscription-based gaming company).  I've recently flatted for Marvel (Hulkverines, Deadpool) and 2000AD(Judge Dredd and Roy of the Rovers)  I am the chief colourist for a Scottish project called The Lang Walk Hame - which is up for an arts award and I've been helping Warner Bros with Batman: Hush." 

Upcoming Events

Swansea Comic Con 6th April

This Saturday, I will have a stand at Swansea Comic Con! It's another event I haven't done before so I'm hoping it will go well and meet lots of new people. 

Portsmouth Comic Con May 4th and 5th. 

Plymouth Comic Con May 12th

Elim Leadership Conference May 14th-15th (Harrogate) 

Big Church Day Out May 25th- 26th (West Sussex)