Have Your Say: Voice over accent

On March the 3rd we will be launching our next Kickstarter campaign, for the next instalment the Gospel of Mark! So it's 'all systems go', creating the video, preparing the reward levels and sample material. 

We're so blessed to have found a professional voice over artist and master of his craft, Matt Abbott to perform the script. Versatile as he is he's given us a few options on how it could be. 

Matt's Website can be found here: http://www.welcomematt.co.uk/


We've narrowed it down to two option and we'd love you to have your say! Please comment below or on the social media post you linked from. 

Considerations: The video is for worldwide use, so many who listen will not have English as their first language. Our primary audience is the US, so having an American accent might be more familiar. However, the Scottish one might be considered to have more character. Think about the feel of the Bible Comic and it's target audience, which is primarily ages 15-40. 

Please consider these Questions. 

  • Which do you prefer, (where are you from)? 
  • Which sounds more profession for the Word for Word Bible Comic? 
  • What does each accent make you think of? 
  • What do you think it will make other people (British people, Americans, people who's first language isn't English) will think of? What associations will they make when listening to it?

Thank you so much for reading the Blog, we look forward to hearing your opinion.  

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