Feb Newsletter : Just 2 weeks 'til the Gospel of Mark Kickstarter!

Below we've got a progress report and newsletter, but above all else, we'd like you to know that the Kickstarter funding for Mark is starting on Friday 3rd March! We'd love you to support us and get some great rewards along the way! 

1 min Video:  Announcement. 


About the Kickstarter

Here are some images to get you excited! 

Roman Centurion surely truely this man was the son of god Mark

How it works

With Kickstarter it's really key to get off to a good start in order to grab the attention of news outlets, bloggers etc as well as getting featured by of Kickstarter. So if you plan to get onboard please do so on the first day, there are also limited quantity items so don't delay :) 

I'll be sending the March newsletter the minute it launches on the 3rd! Please look out for that, and prayerfully consider if you'd like to help smash this funding goal. 

There are no half-measures with Kickstarter, and funding is all or nothing. We have to set a goal which will definitely cover all the print costs, creation costs, shipping, fees and taxes. This minimum goal will be £15,000 to make this thing on a shoe-string but I am praying for at least £20,000 to ensure the quality of the product.

The project is not live yet, but if you want the link new to my Kickstarter profile and the previous successful campaigns you can find them here... 


What if... 

To be honest, not having a successful Kickstarter would be problematic for us as I, the artist, would have to immediately stop working on the project full-time, return to a 'day job' and instead of starting a new book, I'd have to concentrate on improving the sales of the first three books until they could support the ongoing work. 

Not just about money 

Sharing the news of the Kickstarter is also going to be something I'm really relying on you to help with, please. If you can't back the Kickstarter financially that's really fine, but if you think it's interesting please share it on FB and Twitter, forward it to a few friends. Even if just one friend picks it up it makes a big difference as the last two Kickstarters only needed about 200 people to back it for it to raise around £20,000.

If you are a super fan, I'm really going to pulling on your support and giving some extra offers for doing so during the KS period, if you're not a super fan but want to be (even temporarily) add yourself to the list here.

SUPER FAN MAILING LIST >> http://eepurl.com/b9gR3f


The Book of Joshua is complete except for the colouring of the last 25 pages as you can see below. We are planning for it to be finished within 2-3 months and then printed ready to be sent out as Kickstarter rewards, fulfilling the original Kickstarter and the current one at the same time, which helps when deciding how many to print. 

Also, all the backers who earned the reward of having their face in that book are in there now.

The big UK publisher I was talking to has declined to go forward but we are still talking to publishers in a few other countries about them taking on alternative language versions of the bible comic. 

Cover of Joshua

Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion on the Cover of Joshua, in last month's blog. As a conclusion to that, this is the final design.

Professional Voice-over on the Kickstarter Video

We have secured a professional voice over artist to contribute to the Kickstarter video and give it that extra profession boost. 

Did you "have your say?" We published a blog a week or so ago with this news and asked for opinions on if we should have a Scottish or mildly American accent on the video. In the end, we plumped for the US one. You can see the article and here the samples here.


The Book of Ruth is Available on Comixology

The Book of Ruth is now officially on Comixology and has the shiny Guided view function to boot. If you've read the comic and have an amazon account please give it a star rating. If you haven't read it, this is another place you can buy it digitally for £1.99 (or $2.99). Here are the links.


On February 22nd The Book of Judges is due to launch there also between 9pm and 10pm EST. So watch this space. 

Prayer Requests

This month we've really been scraping the barrel financially in advance of this next Kickstarter, really stretching our trust in His provision and we've been really blessed with a few hundred pounds of unexpected financial gifts that God seems to have guided in for us at exactly the right moment, which has been a real answer to prayer.

Please pray for success with this Kickstarter, we've worked very hard to get it ready and people to talk about it when the time comes, but it still comes down to chance, and as God is in control of such luck and coincidences please will you ask him to help us on this one, to get the Gospel comic made and help it reach new people in a new and interesting way.

As always, please also pray for our productivity, health and against technical issues.  

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