Very exciting news! Terry Virgo: Founder of Newfrontiers endorsement

Very exciting news! 

Terry Virgo founder of Newfrontiers has agreed to give The Word for Word Bible Comic his endorsement!

This is an amazing blessing and I hope this will give buyers the confidence to trust the comic and have no fear of it being an ill conceived or unfaithful version of the Biblical text. 

With the help of the leader of my church, Simon Walker, I got Terry's agreement that I could send him a sample and he would look at it and decide if he would endorse it. Then a few weeks ago Terry came to Bristol for a small Newfrontiers church weekend. I got to talk to him there and he was happy to support it. 

He is so humble and is, himself, not sure his name will make any difference, but I'm sure you'll agree that his name and positive words (below) will carry great weight the the "true to the Text" claim of the comic.

The statement... 

"The Word for Word Bible Comic is immediately arresting and I cannot help being impressed by the thoroughgoing commitment to research and the Biblical text in order to make it as accurate as possible." 

Terry Virgo: Founder of Newfrontiers, a family of Word and Spirit churches with over a 1000 churches in over 70 nations 

 Please pray with me that this endorsement will help the project reach an even greater audience once it is released and to open doors with publishers and other well-know Christians who will give their endorsement also. 

Terry was one of two trusted bible teachers who corrected my thinking on Samson and his appearance; I was all set to draw him as an incredible hulk, but as they pointed out the Philistines ask "See if you can lure him into showing you the secret of his great strength..." Judges 16:5, which of course would not make sense if he looked like Superman or as some Jewish legendary hyperbole state Samson's shoulders were sixty cubits broad. So it was great to be able to show him the comic with the slight Samson empowered exclusively by the Holy Spirit.

Samson empowered by the Holy Spirit - Link to Blog about Terry Virgo.

Below is a portrait I did of Terry which I also gave to him (framed without logo), and is hopefully hanging in his office somewhere. 

Please comment below your thoughts about this endorsement, especially if you were not familiar with Terry Virgo before reading this post.