Have your say: Title for each instalment

In this blog you can have your say about the method used to Title each book within the series of the Word for Word Bible Comic. The easy way is to keep it simple and just have the standard english name (for the English versions) e.g....

The Word for Word Bible Comic – The Book of Judges

...but I had an idea which may or may not be a good idea. I would like you to tell me if you think having the Hebrew name for the book (of the Old Testament) as the title of the book, followed by the normal name would be good e.g.

The Word for Word Bible Comic – SHOFTIM (The Book of Judges)

Here are some pro's and Cons



  • It's what is expected/logical


  • Lost in a search engine (Google etc) to billion articles about the book and online Bible sites of the same name.

Hebrew Version


  • It is excellent for searching online (Amazon, Google etc)
  • It embraces the Hebrew origin
  • It shows a deep connection to the original text.
  • It would be more unique when spoken about “Have you read the Shoftim comic?”


  • Could confuse people and make them think it's a “version/paraphase” of the book in question
  • Might give the idea it's cultic interpretation to some. (Kabbalah etc)
  • Christians might think it's a Jewish comic that ignores Christ.
  • I can't seem to find Greek versions for the New Testament so if there are none it would be a bit inconsistent.

If you can suggest more pros and cons, share your opinion and let me know if you know of Greek versions of the names of the New Testament books then please comment below.

Below are the Hebrew names to help you think about it

1. Genesis [בראשית / Breisheet] (B'resheet)
2. Exodus [שמות / Shmot] (Sh'mot)
3. Leviticus [ויקרא / Vayikra]
4. Numbers [במדבר / Bamidbar] (B'midbar)
5. Deuteronomy [דברים / D'varim]

Nevi'im (נביאים, ("Prophets") Major and Minor.
6. Joshua [יהושע / Y'hoshua]
7. Judges [שופטים / Shophtim]
8. Samuel (I & II) [שמואל / Sh'muel]
9. Kings (I & II) [מלכים / M'lakhim]
10. Isaiah [ישעיה / Y'shayahu]
11. Jeremiah [ירמיה / Yir'mi'yahu]
12. Ezekiel [יחזקאל / Y'khezqel]
13. The Twelve Prophets [תרי עשר] (minor)
a. Hosea [הושע / Hoshea]
b. Joel [יואל / Yo'el]
c. Amos [עמוס / Amos]
d. Obadiah [עובדיה / Ovadyah]
e. Jonah [יונה / Yonah]
f. Micah [מיכה / Mikhah]
g. Nahum [נחום / Nakhum]
h. Habakkuk [חבקוק /Havakuk]
i. Zephaniah [צפניה / Ts'phanyah]
j. Haggai [חגי / Khagai]
k. Zechariah [זכריה / Z'kharyah]
l. Malachi [מלאכי / Mal'akhi]

Ketuvim (כתובים, "Writings") or "scriptures" ...
The "Sifrei Emet," "Books of Truth":
14. Psalms [תהלים / Tehilim]
15. Proverbs [משלי / Mishlei]
16. Job [איוב / Iyov]

The "Five Megilot" or "Five Scrolls":
17. Song of Songs [שיר השירים / Shir Hashirim]
18. Ruth [רות / Rut]
19. Lamentations [איכה / Eikhah]
20. Ecclesiastes [קהלת / Kohelet]
21. Esther [אסתר / Esther]

The rest of the "Writings":
22. Daniel [דניאל / Dani'el]
23. Ezra-Nehemiah [עזרא ונחמיה / Ezra v'Nekhemia]
24. Chronicles (I & II) [דברי הימים / Divrei Hayamim]