We have created an exciting new competition!

WIN!! Be in the crowd at Jesus' triumphal entry in the new graphic novel on the Gospel of Mark! In this competition, you can have the likeness of you and a friend drawn into this crowd scene in The Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic. Just retweet or tag a friend in the comments of the facebook post and you will both be in the running to win this prize. Tag multiple friends for multiple entries. Winner announced April 9th - Palm Sunday.

This competition is to promote our Kickstarter campaign, which you can support at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/word4wordbiblecomic/the-gospel-of-mark-word-for-word-bible-comic-book

Terms and Conditions below.

Find the post here :


Tweet https://twitter.com/WforWBibleComic/status/844228077358108672

Here's the video. Find it here and start retweeting and tagging those friends


Conditions: The Crowd-funding on Kickstarter must hit it's goal, or else there may be not Gospel of Mark comic for you to be drawn into. 

If you pledged to recieve the Kickstarter reward "You in the Bible" and win this prize, this will not give you a refund but extra faces to elect to have as well. 

Entries: FACEBOOK : Each time you tag a friend that counts as one entry, that entry includes you and that friend. If you tag multiple friends you receive multiple entries, each one with the friend creating the comment and the 'tagged' friend. 

TWITTER : Each retweet of the competition post counts as an entry. The winner may choose the friend they want as the second winner as tags cannot be tracked easily. 

If the post is duplicated/shared and people are tagged on those duplicates they will not be included, so please ensure you are using the original post from  https://www.facebook.com/wordforwordbiblecomic/ or https://twitter.com/WforWBibleComic

There will be one pair of winners across the whole competition, even if multiple versions of competition posts are created by the page https://www.facebook.com/wordforwordbiblecomic/ or Twitter account https://twitter.com/WforWBibleComic.

The winner will be selected at random from all the entries for the competition. 

Prize: The prize is to have the likeness of the pair of winners drawn into the crowd that welcome Jesus as he rides a donkey into the city of Jerusalem. You will each appear in at least 2 panels. You may decide if you are praising or not, but your clothes and position in the crowd will be assigned to you. You will not have glasses or anything too modern like hairstyle or modern tattoos, if you do have such things, they will be covered up a bit or interpreted as a first-century equivalent.

In the picture on the video is a man and a woman, but this is only an example and two people of any gender, age etc may be the winners. 

There is no cash prize equivalent. 

There are two winners assigned for the one winning entry. Each of those winners decides if they are happy to appear in the comic, if not they can elect someone else as long as they are willing. 

The image will be a comic style representation of the winners, not photo real unmistakable portraits. Please bear this in mind. 

You will be both identified as the winner with your real name, at the back of the book along with the Kickstarter backers, unless you wish not to be. 

You will both be contacted on your FB or Twitter account and on the post. Please be sure to check your "Message Requests" on FB and Direct Messages on Twitter after the 9th of April.