September: Joshua, Gifts and Injury

Today, we are launching the Book of Joshua officially in print and digital formats. The book is now available to buy from our website, available on Amazon, in Christian book shops and the digital version will be available through Kindle and Comixology (Comixology on the 6th). 

Since the last update, we've had some big blessings and a big set back, see below.

Book Launch Today!

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Please Pray :Please pray that this third book will take off, that new people will want to report and blog about it and include them in their radio shows. Please pray we sell lots of copies to help provide funds for the project and make it a success and so that more people will start to read the Bible. 

Setback: Disaster! Wife injured,
family in Chaos!

On Monday this week, my wife broke her foot! Not skydiving or rally-racing but putting the laundry out. She will be off her feet for 4-8 WEEKS! This has meant I've needed to stop work during the day and look after the kids who are on their school holiday to do all her many chores, which is totally not tiring, honest  

Our church has rallied around though and we have a people bringing meals on a rota for the next two weeks and a few people who have taken the boys out so I can do some work. Thankfully, the eldest boy is back at school this Tuesday and the younger is going to start school on the next Monday so they will be at school most of the time which will help. 

If you are a praying person, please pray for a miraculous recovery. A few years ago, Sian broke her wrist falling off her bike and someone at church prayed for healing and at the review, with the Consultant, a week later told her it was not broken and as he couldn't explain it, he insisted there must have been a misdiagnosis or something. So, please pray. 


Last weekend we attended our Regional Church gathering called Together at Westpoint, in Devon UK. A hundred or so of you signed up for this mailing list at the time so a big welcome to you! 

The stall did pretty well selling the books, and I ran a workshop about The Art of Creating Comics. I have a recording and I will be posting it in sections on our YouTube channel. 

I addition to that we were very blessed by God prompting people to give us financial gifts to support the project and/or us as a family, each one hundreds of pounds. We take this as a real encouragement and thank God for his provision. 

Patreon off to a great start. Come and join us!

Our Patreon page was launched two weeks ago, and there are 11 patrons, together donating over $40/month to help keep us going. 

If "Patreon" is new to you, put simply it's a way to donate $1/month (or more) to an artist to allow them to continue making art. In exchange, you get rewards! 

In this case, you can see the pages of the Gospel of Mark as they are completed which will be up to a year before they are in print!  And at a high tier, a "behind the scenes" video every two weeks about those pages, the historical research, bible insights and process. (Example at bottom of the pages) 

Check out the page! See the video! Find out about the other rewards and more here...

Please consider being a patron and share the link with your friends! 

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