September Newsletter and Esther launch day! 

Today is the official launch of the Book of Esther. Please help us get the words out this month! 

Sneak peek at the Book of Esther

This is the promotional video for The book of Esther. Please find it on YouTube and share it or go directly to it on Facebook and share it there! 

YouTube: Here
Facebook: Here   (Sharing from here on FB means the video will autoplay) 

Please tell your friends that they can preview the first chapter for free right now, by downloading the pdf here: 

The book of Esther out now! Please share this video

Please be a massive help and review Esther ★★★★★

If you'd already read the book of Esther as a Kickstarter backer or preorder beneficiary please get on to Amazon and Goodreads and pop in a quick review.

It really helps the Amazon ranking and gives other prospective customers the confidence to buy a copy. We'd prefer you to purchase the book direct from our website than at Amazon though, as Amazon get about half the cover price if you do, so buying from us directly doubles your support.

Just a star rating is fine if you're in a rush.

In the News

We are very blessed this month to have an article about the work go out in a Christian newspaper called Challenge: The Good News Paper. Click to enlarge


Bristol Comic and Gaming Con Oct 19th - 20th

In October, Moose events are running a big comic con on our doorstep and we have a table they have some very impressive guest lined up click to link below to see the guest list. 

UKCCGF Guestlist for Bristol 


London MCM Comic Con Oct 25th-27th

Hurrah, we got in! We will be there in the Comics Village. It's a long old event so come and find me for a chat!  Here's me with Brian Azzarello (creator of 100 Bullets comics and many more) at last years con. 

Prayer and NIV update. 

The use of the NIV is currently hanging in the balance! We are at a good place because we have gone through all the negotiations and made headway, then at the last, they sent us the contract to sign. One of the points of the contract says the formatting of the text must be in columns and the capitalisation and punctuation completely unchanged. As this is integral to what we do we need this point taken out. In order for that to happen, it will need to get through the NIV committee. As my wife put it, "It will take a miracle to get it through there!". So now we will know, if we get through there the Lord is with the idea to redo everything in the NIV, if it gets shut down that will be a door firmly closed on the NIV option. 

So please pray the Lord has His hand on this situation to bring the outcome he desires for this. work.