Progress Update April 2015

Here is the progress chart as it stands now at the start of April. 

Progress chart for the Word for Word bible comic Judges April 2015

This week I have had a bit of a hiccup with my PC, but not data was lost just a bit of time figuring out how to fix it. It seem to be up and running again now though, thank the Lord. 

I'm just finishing off the first page of chapter 10 ready for colouring now, but as chapter 10 has only two and a bit pages I'm looking forward to that bit of pie changing colour soon too. 

My goal each week is to complete three pages ready for colouring; which is what I need to complete Judges before the money runs out, so no pressure. 

This month one of my favoured publishers will be taking my project to their review board to see if they are interested in publishing the work. So please pray this goes ahead and I can stop concerning myself with thoughts of publishers. They review it on April 20th. 

Thank you, to everyone who gave their opinion on the latest "Have your Say" blog.  Please keep an eye out for these as I love hearing your opinions.  

Here's a little cartoon I found on FB, which amused me, if you are familiar with the Footprints poem it may amuse you also.