Progress Report May

Welcome to May's progress report and newsletter...

Last week I sent this out as a newsletter, I've you follow the blog please get yourself added to the mailing list as next month I believe the blog version of the progress report will be just the chart and info about that. For all the news and updates please sign up to the newsletter here...


During the Judges production I had two colourists working on the pages, but as I went on to the new book I only required one until I had enough pages to keep two people busy. So now that I do have enough pages, I'm welcoming back Ryan Esch to the team.

In the past couple of weeks, both Leslie and Ryan have produced some truly excellent work rendering landscapes with amazing skill. The project if very blessed to have their outstanding digital painting enhance its pages. Here are a couple of examples.

Ryan has rendered Ai, the town which I have recently been blogging about.

Leslie has rendered this view of the cliffs on the east side of the Jordan as the Israelites prepare to cross the river.


With two colourists working you can see the pie start to fill with “Completed” pages in two areas, as I have started Ryan in Chapter 7, just less week.

I realised that this pie chart is good in some ways, as it shows the proportion of the verses completed from the book, but is weak in regards to the proportion of pages to complete. For example, I am closing on half way through the pages “Drawn ready for colours” but the pie chart barely reflects this. Today, I am working on page 58 of the 122 pages of the comic but the pie appears only one third full. Oh well, never mind.


Last weekend I exhibited at a small event in Weston Super Mare, called Stars of Time and it was held in a helicopter museum of all places! It was probably more of a film con than comics as I was the only comics exhibitor there, but never-the-less it went well, I made a profit which is good for indie comics exhibitors. I added a few new people to the mail list too (Welcome if that's you!).

I have a few more events booked over the summer, the first is at the end of June at The Gathering hosted by CVM (Christian Vision for Men). They have been very supportive of the project since the early days, so it'll be good to be there with the books to sell.

I just had confirmation that I will be exhibiting at New Wine this summer (end of July). It's going to be a big organisational challenge as it's two stints of five days, basically back-to-back, probably camping and being at the stall all day and evening throughout. It's a huge event though and so I am really praying it will help me release the capital in the last limited edition prints that remain, and get the project out into the world more.


To help me along at the Gathering I got in touch with Carl Beech about an endorsement for the comic as I know he is very keen on the project, having met up with him a few times now. Carl is one of CVM's founders and hosts of the Gathering events, a previous Elim senior leader and now UK director of the Message Trust). I'm very pleased to add his positive words to our endorsements page and to have with me at the next Gathering.

Prayer requests

If you are a praying person I'd love you to look at these areas we are seeking the Lord for, and either give a quick amen or to add them to your list for ongoing prayer support.

Guidance – Please pray the Lord would guide us on the right path in regards to publishing and distribution. Our options being whittled down, but if He has unexpected plans and methods to make them known, in order to help this project be as beneficial to His Kingdom as possible.

Progress – Please pray the work progresses smoothly, without blockages or obstacles like poor health, and that the Spirit continues to bless us in trying to depict the events how they really happened and were. That we can get the work done by the time we need to to launch well.

Financially – That ol' chestnut. Please pray the events we exhibit at will provide all the money we need to see us through to the best possible time to launch the project officially and have the capital to do it right.


Below are a blog and a video I posted this month you may have missed...

Creating a map of Ai

Video Blog about creating a map for the comic.

Making Comics

A video about shortcuts and new ways I create a page.

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