Progress Report: June and News!

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Joshua Progress

The progress on Joshua has been going on steadily, but its completion is not looking like it will be timely for our planned September launch. Particularly as organising a big launch and preparing everything for then will take much of the time between now and then. Here's how it stands... 

Hence, we put our heads together last week and came up with an exciting new plan...

The Book of Ruth

We are going to create the Book of Ruth ready for the September launch so that we have two titles ready to go and Joshua waiting in the wings already half complete.

Why? Ruth is a very short book, I storyboarded it last weekend and the comic will be 24 pages and the book 32 plus covers.

I've already produced 4 of those pages ready for colours and both colourists will be brought onto this project to help it get completed as soon as possible. However, they will also continue to work on Joshua when the ready pages of Ruth are complete.

I hope you're as excited as we are about this, even though it will push Joshua back into 2017.


As mentioned, we now plan to launch the comic officially in September. It will then be available on Amazon and other outlets and hopefully Comixology and other digital comic providers too.

In order for it to be successful, I need to get the news into all sorts of magazines, blogs, radio stations, a big social media presence and also forums. If you have connections to any of these or write your own blog, please help by posting about it then and helping me get in touch with those news outlets. Contact me at wordforwordbiblecomic [at] if you have anything you can contribute to this.

Have your Say : What Translation, NIV?

People always ask me what translation I will use (in English). At the moment, I use the World English Bible (WEB). The WEB is very much like the ESV as it's an updated version of the American Standard Version (ASV) but it is public domain and therefore completely free to use.

However, I've always been keen to use the NIV (New International Version) as it is one of the most well-known modern translations available and one of my favourites. However, to use it would cost money if I self-publish. Below is a survey where you can help me by giving your opinion on if this is worth doing.

To give an idea of the cost if a book sold for £10, the profits received from that would be about £1.50p, and if I paid a royalty to the NIV that would be about 30p lost from that £1.50. So it's a big slice of the profits that I don't have to pay if I use the WEB. But, the fame and official nature of the NIV may make the project more legitimate and allow it to be successful where a relatively unknown translation could tank the potential of the project. It is the Bible after all.

Please click here and complete this 3 question survey...

Prayer Requests

If you are a praying person I'd love you to look at these areas we are seeking the Lord for, and either give a quick amen or to add them to your list for ongoing prayer support.

Promo - Please pray that the magazines and other media that we contact are keen to report about or review the comic in September so we can get the maximum coverage and that it will miraculously snowball so everyone can here about it.

Events - I have a men's event that I'm selling at this month, called the Gathering in Swindon and the huge New Wine event next month, as well as a comic con in Shrewsbury. Please pray the book sells well and I make good contacts there.

Financial- Since the start of this project we have been living by faith financially, we've been really blessed with the Kickstarters and gifts we've been given, but please pray God continues to carry us through as this time ahead is critical to the ongoing full-time nature of the project.