July Newsletter

Happy July everyone!


We are starting the ball rolling on creating pages for the Book of Mark now. As ever, getting the ball rolling often feels slow to start, every new place researched, every new character needing character design and with such "minor" characters of the Bible as Peter the Apostle, the Devil and Jesus one needs to be careful to depict them right. 

It will be the summer "holidays" in a few days, which will mean the kid not being at school and under our foot. The plan is that I will still be working the same amount but this is alway a challenge. 

Joshua Launch and Pre-Order Now!

The date is fixed to the first of September! I have a few places lined up to promote it. One that I'm really excited about is Christianity Magazine August issue. It is going to be an interview rather just a review and it was going to be a page and now as they had some room they are expanding it to three pages! Such a blessing!

If you have any contacts with magazines, radio stations or podcasts that I should be asking, please let me know. 

You can pre-order Joshua NOW on our website! This means you pay now and we will send it to get to you on September the 1st.

(If you buy a Joshua bundle the whole set will be sent together at that time.)


Preorder Joshua Now

This Month's Blessings

We are constantly relying on the Lord for the funding of this project, this month we were donated £1,000 by someone in our local church who wanted to support us and £300 by someone who found us online and wanted to donate. We are super grateful for the generous spirit of these wonderful people but also to God for putting this project on their heart.

Also, we attended a Christian Men's conference called "The Gathering" in a field near Swindon. We did really well and again got some more funds to keep this crazy project rolling. 

A friend through Christian Comic Art Society and backer Luis contacted me and offered to have a copy of each of our books and our leaflets on their stand and the CCAS stand at...only the bloomin' San Deigo Comic Con International starting this Thursday! 


We are excited to be launching our very own Patreon next month! It will give you the opportunity to become even more involved with the work, still more up to date with the newly created pages and of course financially support the work. If you've already supported as a Kickstarter backer who has given a big pledge or donation in advance this is probably not for you, but for everyone else it's a small monthly subscription of $1 or so that gives you special benefits.

You will get to see the pages as they are completed each month, about 10 or so, and you can comment on them and be among the first people to see them. This means you can also suggest changes if necessary and point out of anything is confusing or could be misinterpreted. If we get several Patrons and they are keen we might even do a monthly "Google Hangout" thing. 

Running a Patreon takes a little effort with uploading pictures and answering comments and questions so I'll need several Patrons to make it worth while, so if you can spare a dollar or more a month we'd be super grateful.

The next newsletter will come out when it launches.

The New Facebook Group

The new "Word for Word Bible Comic: Research, discussion and community" group is proving very useful, with many people enjoying finding out all about the historical research but also discussing the Bible and helping me to research things where I have hit a brick wall. 

If you haven't already joined please do so... 


Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for the comic to get out there more and more, that it does well at the San Diego Comin Con, and many people read the article in Premier. Please pray this book launch goes well and we sell lots of copies. As ever please pray for the financial provision and good health of the team and family and for us to have a stress free summer "holiday".