Newsletter: January Sale and your opinion

Happy New Year! Not only do we have an update but also a 20% off sale on the book of Judges and Ruth! 

Yep, this is my 2019 year planner! Nothing gets wasted in this house.

Yep, this is my 2019 year planner! Nothing gets wasted in this house.

Sneak Peek: Esther and Ancient writing

In this short video, I show you the way in which I created the ancient writing which can be seen on the tablets and how I got the writing to fit onto the image from Esther 1:20. 

This is a very short example of the sort of video Patrons get every two weeks! Be the first to see pages from the Book of Esther, videos like this and support the project by joining the other patrons on Patreon today!

January Sale! 

Maybe you've got some Christmas money left or maybe you received The Gospel of Mark and now you want to expand your collection! Well, you can get 20% of The Book of Ruth and The Book of Judges until the end of the month.

Use this discount code at checkout to get 20% off. JUDGJAN19 or RUTHJAN19

[Note: You can use both discount codes on one purchase, just add one then the other at checkout.] 

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Have your say: Should the pages have chapter and verse references?

The graphic novels have never had verse numbers on the pages as I wanted to ensure the comics read as a story with no distractions or any hint you are reading an academic book with references, especially for those new to the text. However, the benefits to including them might be that you could find a verse you are looking for and more easily demonstrate that the text is word-for-word from the Bible to people who find that hard to believe. There is a poll on Facebook for you to give your opinion, so click on the link and tell us which image you favour and if you have strong feelings, either way, please comment why below. We are about to reprint The Gospel of Mark and in theory, we could add the verses but as it would be a lot of effort it will need to be strongly supported. 

True Believers Event: February 2nd 

Nope, it's not a Christian Event! Independent comics con "True Believes" is on in about 2 weeks and I'll be exhibiting there for the first time. Why not come along and say hi! See you there Troobs! 


Here's an update on the progress on the Book of Esther. 


We've been very blessed since our Summer adventures where we exhibited the book at many events, we now have a few new distributors taking the books and feeding them into shops and catalogues, and so things are starting to grow. We are still waiting to hear back from Diamond the catalogue that supplies all comics shops in the USA and the UK, please pray they'd go ahead and list the comics in there!

We are also considering how to scale up the project and one option is for an established publisher to take on the project, the one we are talking to could potentially really help the work with their time and investment, but as much of what a publisher can do for a book we have already achieved, is it the right thing to do? Please pray that the right outcome for the Kingdom becomes clear and things fall into place there or are clearly ended.