Have Your Say: Judges Cover too Bloody?

In September the books will be produced for the official launch of the Word for Word Bible Comic. I am considering whether or not to revise the cover of The Book of Judges. Someone has suggested that having a bloody image on the front cover might not be such a great idea if it is going to be stocked in places where young kids will also be. 

This is the cover as it is now...

1 Judges cover.jpg

The question revolves around Samson at the bottom. He has blood on him and dropping from the jaw bones. 

So basically, the reasons to consider changing it are that smaller kids who see it might find it scary and therefore shops might not want to display it. 


I don't have time to completely redesign the cover, but here are a few options, with rough examples...

Keep it the same - vote for this is you don't think it's too scary and there is nothing to worry about. Reasons to keep it as it is are that it looks good, it gives kids the right impression of what is inside, and make it clear to parents that it's not aimed at little kids. Also, that's how the picture was designed and changing it could be a hassle and might be a mistake. 

Keep the same colours but remove the blood - This would be ok, but as his shirt is all ripped and there is already some bodies at his feet it might look strange that there is no blood, but then again a lot of films are violent but bloodless today. However, I think it's a bit boring compared to the others.

Make the blood into brown, like mud, instead - This idea came from a misprint I had of the cover that was dark. The blood was browny and so it would look like mud to a child but most people would realise it must be blood, in context. Two examples, A and B below.





Make him a red silhouette- In this option, he is still red but as he's not really coloured so it looks a bit like an effect not that bloody, but again adults will realise it is symbolic of blood. 

What do you think? 

Please add a comment below or on the social media platform you found it on. You are not limited to these choices, of course, please make all the suggestions you can, we love to hear your thoughts. 

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