December Newsletter and Discounts

It's Christmas time!

If you don't have all your gifts sorted out how about a copy of Judges or Ruth for a friend or family member.

You can still get free UK postage and from now until the 15th you can also get a whopping 30% off.

30% off Judges and Ruth until the 15th December! 

Buying copies direct from us really helps to support the project.


Good progress has been made in the last month, with many pages being maps and parts which have been drawn before (like Joshua 15 which crosses over with Judges 1). Currently, we working on chapter 17.


After Joshua?

People have been asking me what book I will tackle after Joshua. Well, my hope is to move into the New Testament for the next book. Base on feedback from the customers at events like New Wine this seemed to be something people would be keen to see. Looking at the options, it would be crazy to start the New Testament without doing a Gospel first, and it seems that Mark is the best candidate. Mark has less long tracts of dialogue than the other Gospels, it is shorter overall which is helpful but also I have been told that it is often to Gospel of choice in secondary schools for Religions Eduction, so this could be a great resource for school libraries.


Your opinions and advice on the future.


That all said, sales of the existing comics are not yet at the point where they alone can finance the production of more books so I am again looking at fundraising initiatives to continue the work. I'm considering a Kickstarter for the Book of Mark, but if you have any suggestions or encouragements, like doing Kickstarter, Patreon or anything else please get in touch.


Supporting the project. 


If you'd like to donate a gift to the project please use our PayPal account, liked to this email address, and add a note so we know why it has come in.


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Prayer Requests

If you are a praying person I'd love you to look at these areas we are seeking the Lord for, and either give a quick amen or to add them to your list for ongoing prayer support.

Productivity and health: Our seasonal time of poor health is upon us, please pray that we will all be well and our families too so that the work can continue.

Financial: Since the start of this project we have been living by faith financially, we've been really blessed with the Kickstarters and gifts we've been given, but please pray God continues to carry us through in his amazing miraculous way in whatever form that takes.

Publisher: Since the start, I have hoped that a publisher might take on the project and I have been courting a few recently. Please pray a good one with take on the project in order to take it to the next level.