August newsletter

(Apologies if you are a blog only follower, I sent this out to the email list but forgot to cross post here til now, doh)

Sneak peek at the Book of Esther

The Book of Esther is now printed and in the hands of our Kickstarter backers. You can preview and preorder your copy now at

In this image is the one side of the Apadana (Great Hall) at the Palace of Susa. The colour of the columns and decoration fits the most recent finds at the site. In this scene, the King entertains his many royal guests at a great banquet. 

apadana at susa from the Word for Word bible Comic of Esther


Here is a new endorsement for the Book of Esther from history expect and consultant on the project Prof. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones which features on the back cover of the book. 

endorsement from prof lloyd llewellyn-Jones for the Book of Esther Word for word Bible Comic

Supporting the Word for Word Bible Comic

Many of you who I meet face-to-face are keen to support the project to help to keep going and reach more people. Here is a way a you can do this. 

  • Become a Patron 

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.08.23 copy.png

In order to make it to March 2020 without a Kickstarter, we need your help and so we'd love you consider becoming a monthly patron of the comic!

Aside from supporting us financially, you will get access to pages before anyone, be part of the creative process and be invited to Patreon exclusive video conferences where we discuss various elements of the projects and really make a difference to the project.

PS. In the image, you can see that with the new patrons recently we've climbed another place in the "bible" search top of the pops. Even $1 patrons help us climb the ranking.


  • Creation Fest

Last week we went to Creation Fest in Cornwall and met many of you there! We had a good time, despite being a little disappointed in the volume of footfall within the exhibition space. We were staying in our little caravan and so had to run home before the last day due to the extreme weather warning and high winds forecast in the area at the time. 

  • Commission: Together at Westpoint

From August 22nd-26th, we will be at Westpoint in Exeter. Again many of you on this mailing list will be there so please come along and have a chat and bring a friend to see the comics.

  • Comic Cons

I have just applied for London MCM comic con and am praying we get a place this year. I also really wanted to exhibit at Thought Bubble in November but at the moment I haven't made the cut so please I'm also praying I can get in there. 


Matthew Progress Aug.jpg

Now that Esther is complete I have begun work on Matthew, you'll see this chart fill up on the newsletter, I'll tell you more about it closer to the date of the Kickstarter in March.

Matthew's Gospel is going to be a monster in size. The Gospel of Mark had 153 comic pages, but Matthew will have over 220 comic pages plus info pages and covers! 


Please ask God to help us assemble an awesome prayer team to get good spiritual guidance for the project and how He will use it in the years to come. 

Next month is the launch of Esther please pray there is a good uptake and magazines and media outlets will help us get the word out.