Progress Report : April 2016

Heading home.

This update I'm writing after an exciting weekend at a local comic con where I had a stall. The event had about 3000 attendees, and was bursting with amazing cosplay, from Transformers to orcs, and Iron 'men' of every colour to Super Saiyan.

The responses I got from the people there were very positive, very few I spoke to dismissed it out of hand for being the Bible as you might think many people would. People were interested and could see the point of the project even if they didn't think it was for them. Interestingly, several times I was telling someone about it who'd seem pretty disinterested, but then at the end they'd pipe up with “It's not my sort of thing, but my sister/father/cousin would love this” and merrily carry off a leaflet.

We made a small profit selling the books, which is was pretty good, because as many indie comic creators will tell you, they more-often-then-not make a loss and the events are more about the exposure and making connections as striving for a profit. Plus, I'm also hoping a few extra sales from this my come in online over the next couple of weeks.

If you wanted to get a copy you can do so using this link...




Well, the last month has been somewhat of a bad month. In my last update, I mentioned that I was just starting to get unwell, but as I had antibiotics from the doc I was hopeful it would be short lived. Unfortunately, I was off my feet for about 3 weeks! So things are a little behind for the Book of Joshua now, but there's nothing I could do about it so I have to just write a line under it and move on. Thankfully, is was well again this weekend just gone to get to the comic con. Phew!

Progress Report April 2016


If you missed the research blog last month about the ancient city of Ai, you can find it here...