The world’s best selling book of all time in hard hitting comic book action format!

But this is not like any before it: the Word for Word Bible Comic is completely unabridged. Not one word is missing!


This is not a paraphrase or a comic merely "based on" the Bible, the comic will include all the text, chapter and verse. The benefits of this are that when you've read through the comic, you will have read through the whole biblical text - nothing will have been missed. See "Unabridged" page for details.


The aim of this is to bridge the gap between illustrated children’s Bibles the harsh and shocking events of the Bible text; which not only encourage and instruct but also ‘cuts to the heart’.

This graphic novel will not shy away from any issue the Bible addresses. Unfortunately, due to the corruption of mankind these issues include violence, kidnapping, cold blooded murder, even rape. This work will not glamorize evil of any kind nor will it be explicit or dwell on these things but it will cover all the lessons the Bible teaches.

This comic will therefore not be suitable for anyone under the age of 15 and even then will include parental advisory warnings.


Using the best scholarship available and a range of sources I have tried to link the event to as specific a time period as possible and include much historical detail. This level of detail is intended to immerse the reader in the story, helping to contextualize the world that these people lived in. Also, the range of styles, fashions and traditions give a richness that text alone will lack.


This, of all elements, is the most important. This work embraces a view of inerrant scripture, of expositional constancy and that the canon of scripture is an integrated whole.

"Vastly superior to any illustrated presentation of the Bible I’ve ever seen.  Verbally faithful to the Scriptures, visually faithful to the ancient context, but still vividly creative, authentic, and appealing.  Very highly recommended."

- Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Smith (Doctorate in Historical Theology and the Bible.Author of “Understanding the Books of the Bible” Study Guides from IVP and the “Good Question” Blog).


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