Historically accurate, unabridged and untamed! 

A word-for-word comic presentation of the Bible, using a bold contemporary style and historical accuracy to bring out the impact and excitement within the Scriptures to a more mature audience (12+ or 15+ age advisory)  Watch the video and find more details below!


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In depth historical research and landscapes drawn from the real locations give the story a rich and accurate middle eastern and historical setting. Also, the range of styles, fashions and traditions give a richness that text alone will lack.


By not missing out one word from the biblical text readers will know it is a trustworthy, authentic and authoritative rendering. Also, the original pace, subtly and the important but lesser known elements are retained. See "Unabridged" page for details.

UNTAMED (For ages 15+)

The aim is to bridge the gap between illustrated children’s Bibles the harsh and shocking events of the Bible text; which not only encourage and instruct but also ‘cuts to the heart’.

This graphic novel will not shy away from any issue the Bible addresses. Unfortunately, due to the corruption of mankind some issues include violence, kidnapping, cold blooded murder, even rape. This work will not glamorize evil of any kind nor will it be explicit or dwell on these things but it will cover all the lessons the Bible teaches.

As a result it is aimed at adults and young people over the age of fifteen or twelve, see advisory. 


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