Below you will discover a whopping 15 page preview of the Word for Word Bible Comic: Book Of Judges, from the story of Samson (Judges chapters 14:2b-16:5). It covers his life from young adulthood to when he meets Delilah. I have chosen this sample to illustrate that the renowned and legendary character of Samson is not so well known, this section includes some familiar parts, but many will have forgotten, or never heard, the surrounding events and context of the story. 

This is a good chunk of narrative and has one or two of the most famous events in the Book of Judges but it is still only 15 pages of the 128 page graphic novel! There are so many other great stories in the Book of Judges, so if you’d like to buy your own copy click here

If you are interested in the research and details behind the composition of the comic why not check out the blog. Here are a few highlights. 

Please remember this comic is intended for adult and older teens ages 15+ 

(Images are low resolution and watermarked) 

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